10th Hakaya Festival



14-21 September 2017, In Amman & the Governerates

Storytelling, Dance, Films, Workshops, and Seminars – Jordan

Al Balad Theater and The Arab Education Forum

Al Balad Theater & the Arab Education Forum presents the 10th Hakaya Festival in Amman & Provinces between the time of 14 – 21st September 2017. 

The festival has the following objectives:

  1. Reclaim the centrality of stories to learning, art and life.
  2. Enhance the culture and art of storytelling in Jordan.
  3. Present diverse storytelling experiences from around the world.
  4. Provide a space for interaction between storytellers from the Arab world in particular and the world in general.
  5. Provide training opportunities for beginner and advanced storytellers.
  6. Connect between different disciplines that are mutually enriching for the art of storytelling such as oral history, theatre, films, etc..


Themes for the 10th edition:

The festival artistic committee has decided to focus this edition of the festival around four central themes that reflect current concerns both regionally and globally. Projects are still welcome for submission even if they do not fall within these themes. 


  1. Tales of the revolution.
  2. Tales of travel and migration.
  3. Human tales from around the world (traditional and contemporary).
  4. Tales of the city.


HAKAYA is a Euro-Arab program connecting different organizations, individuals, and groups who share a commitment to reclaiming the centrality of stories in the healthy growth of individuals and societies. The HAKAYA project has been celebrating for several years the art of “telling” and “narrative” in theater, the arts, reading and writing promotion, formation of identity, and inter-cultural dialogue. The vision that brings all the project partners together is a view of reading, writing, and narrative/telling as tools that develop an individual’s “inner world” and constitute the threads that weave the social and cultural fabric among people: tools that do not link the mind with the text, but the mind with life.

Events program

For more information, press releases and press contact, please call 064652005 or email us at muath@al-balad.org.