Arab Sorytellers Forum 2015

Arab Sorytellers Forum



On the last day of August 2015 a group of storytellers from all over the Arab World gathered in Jerash - Jordan to share and exchange their stories and experiences.


The Arab Sorytellers Forum was an attempt to gather storytellers and their repertoire of stories to discuss Storytelling as an art and a method of learning and cultural exchange. The idea was to gather Arab storytellers form different countries with different experiences and genres to reflect on the richness of this tradition and its modern representations as well as provide a learning opportunity for mid-career and beginning storytellers.

The Participants:

°         Mohammad Bariz °         Hassan El Geretly / facilitator
°         Shireen Zoumot °         Shadi Hammad
°         Sally Shalabi °         Nemer Salmun
°         Khaled El Maghasbeh °         Raeda Guermazi
°         Mayaal Fraya °         Yazan abu Salim
°         Sura Alzoubi °         Nassim Alwan
°         Hamza Aqrabawi °         Manal Ghneim
°         Yamen Omer /coordinator °         Fidaa Ataya
°         Serene Hulileh /facilitator