Hakaya Network

This network brings together individuals, groups and organizations who use storytelling and narrative in its various forms in learning, art and life, to contribute to and reinforce sustainability and development of storytelling art as a catalyst for the organic growth of communities and strengthening their social fabric.

Membership is open to storytellers, storytelling institutions and storytelling festivals concerned with the centrality of stories to their work and who believe in the principles, values, and vision of the HAKAYA program. Priority for membership is to applications from the Arab countries and individuals and organizations concerned with the Arab traditions of storytelling, followed by storytellers within the Euro-Mediterranean area.

The network provides opportunities for its members to interact and communicate with individuals, institutions and storytelling programs in the region and the world who share their interests and support their storytelling journey. The membership will also strengthen mobilization and support for wider recognition of storytelling as a performing art that is diverse and inspiring and is central to all other forms of art, expression, learning and life.